Doc took this photo of us on the last day of year 11, trust Brad to spoil it.

This one is from the South East Queensland Under 18 championships, I lost my match but Nol came in second overall.

The Gold Coast Open, I came third (YES!!!) and took home my first ever trophy.

Eurgh, Storm took this one I look so goofy.

My promo shot for the AASC (Australian Amateur Surf Circuit) website.

Ooh pretty ♥♥♥

Cara pretending she's going to go swimming for a change. She looks good in a bikini, I should show this pic to Nol...

...speaking of, I should show this one to Cara *cheeky grin*

Oops! I have no idea how this got in here *blush*

Nol and I were entered into a pageant, here's my entry...

...and here's Nol's.

A painting of me done by a local artist.

Just me and my baby *sweet sigh*

Halloween 2011 dressing up as the cast of Mansion of E.

Chilling at the beach with the girls.

Surf time with Nol.

Coming out of an awesome barrel!

'Ric took this photo as part of a contest.

More photos coming soon...

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